Port waste management

Household waste

Household waste or residual household waste consists of all types of waste that cannot be sorted and therefore is not intended to be recycled. This is non-hazardous waste that easily enters trash bags and does not come from specific activities (deconstruction, construction, etc.).
CAPA collects waste in underground columns, grouping bins, individual bins and bags; between one and six times a week; from 5 a.m. or 7 p.m. for night tours.
CAPA collects waste 7 days a week.

Composition of household waste

Household waste or residual household waste consists of anything that is not collected selectively (excluding hazardous waste):
– food scraps from households that do not have a composter
– disposable tableware in cardboard and plastic
– layers
– small broken dishes (well packed)

Waste from boat maintenance

This waste must be carried in the area provided for this purpose between the launch and the fairing area. Another zone is also available only for batteries at the entrance to the dike (purple disc).

Recyclable household waste

Sorting columns are located around the port and collect glass, plastic bottles, unsoiled packaging, paper and cardboard.