The PORT-5R project

For sustainable waste management in Mediterranean ports

PORT-5R takes a cross-border approach to the theme of managing port activities in highly anthropized areas and / or near sites of environmental value. It aims at sustainable management of waste produced by ships and ports, within the cooperation area, through the adoption of the 5R strategy: Reduction, Reuse, Recycling, Harvesting and Recovery.

The project aims to help reduce the negative environmental impacts caused by human activities inside port areas. They are all the more important since they affect marine areas that are protected or of great environmental value, such as those in the cooperation area in which the 2014-2020 France-Italy Maritime Cooperation Program is interested.

Project duration

The project has a duration of 24 months: from 02/20/2018 to 02/19/2020

Total budget € 1,536,865.88 Co-financing of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) € 1,237,141.00

The partners


The PORT-5R project, in accordance with directive 2000/59 / CE – transposed by D.Lgs. 182/2003, intends to contribute to the reduction of discharges at sea and waste produced by ships. To this end, the project actions are aimed on the one hand at the ports forming part of the cooperation area and on the other hand at the boats crossing its waters, guaranteeing the ports:

– support in defining guidelines for the development of a common action plan for the prevention, reduction and elimination of marine litter in ports. It will be preparatory to the adoption of a common protocol between the partner ports in accordance with the 5R strategy.

– Construction of 2 waste management facilities, one for the Cagliari / Livorno macro-zone and one for the Savonne / Ajaccio macro-zone, able to collect, eliminate and recover waste and meet the requirements of at least 5 port users main and 10 minor ports;

– Adoption of a common protocol for the sustainable management of waste in the transboundary area.

And the boats:

– The implementation of specific pilot actions relating to the management of discharges and solid waste, which aim to improve the quality of marine waters and the traceability of waste through tag / trasponder.